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Seed Stage Startups have the deck stacked against them. There are few hands to lift a heavy weight but the broad experience of the Inflexion Strategies can fill knowledge gaps and expand bandwidth allowing the team to focus on their strengths. Whether its Product Development, IP and Licensing guidance, Regulatory Planning or Manufacturing Support our team can help.

Prove a Concept

Early Stage Startups are are chiefly concerned with commercialization, production and scaling. Common inflection points include Series A funding and Regulatory Approvals. Inflexion Strategies has the technical expertise to help startups reach the goal of bringing products to market.

Launch a Product

Later Stage Startups are focused on aligning with strategic partners and potential acquirers. Inflexion Strategies can build the evidence that demonstrates how to take advantage of a products Market potential.

Exit Ahead

Investment opportunities exist everywhere, but few are right for any given investor. The team at Inflexion Strategies has a broad and deep understanding of development of hi tech and risky regulated products. Our specialists can help evaluate potential opportunities and provide a comprehensive review of the technology, product, IP and the team.

Evaluate an Opportunity
Established Manufacturers

Established manufacturers looking to acquire and integrate new technologies often require assistance from subject matter experts.The Inflexion Strategies team has the expertise support due diligence activities on technologies in all stages of development. Our comprehensive reporting of documentation gaps, market barriers and cost to market will be valuable information during the negotiation process.

Estimate Cost to Market
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