With a significant body of work in the field of robotics, Inflexion Strategies has the experience and resources to bring to bear in some of the most difficult problems facing High Tech Startups.  Let Inflexion Strategies help build a first class team and then work alongside them providing insight into product development for Robotic Systems with a focus on the Product and not the Technology.
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Designing medical devices is so much more than engineering.  Regulatory compliance can be just as complicated as design. Inflexion Strategies is familiar with the ever changing landscape of Med Device Product Development and flexible enough to work within any Quality System whether the product is sold in the US or around the world at all stages of the product development life cycle.
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Inflexion Strategies excels at developing vision systems that provide reliable imaging in critical situations.  With over a decade of experience developing vision systems for medical devices, Inflexion Strategies can be a key partner in bringing your cutting edge vision technology to market. Whether it involves imaging, lasers, scanning or image processing, we can help.
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Procedure Development
Through close work with the academic community, Inflexion Strategies has become expert at blurring the line between research and industry. Let our experts develop relationships with key opinion leaders, develop new minimally invasive procedures to feature new disruptive prototypes and put them to the test in the appropriate model whether it be a benchtop model, animal model or cadaver.
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There are many reasons to need a prototype and the definition of a prototype is so broad.  Let Inflexion Strategies help your team not only identify what prototyping might be required to feature the tech but also provide Illustrative proof-of-concept. A powerful prototype can catalyze an inflection point by not just showcasing tech, but featuring the product in its native environment and can elicit feedback from users.
For companies without sales, nearly all of its value comes from IP.  Let Inflexion Technologies apply years of proven experience in building intrinsic value by contributing to inventions which broaden and deepen the portfolio, plan with legal council to obtain the most protection available at the lowest cost to the business and assist licensing of technology from an Academic Institution or to another business.
A robust Risk Management process is the most powerful tool to development of a safe device.  Over the last decade, Inflexion Strategies has developed powerful risk evaluation and assessment tools that can help any Risk Management Procedure. Ourt team has familiarity with ISO and BS EN standards as well as the Medical Device Directive. Inflexion Strategies can provide risk based guidance to justify design changes, satisfy risk documentation requirements, prepare for audits or independent risk assessment.
Whether it is for M&A activities, making a decision on whether or not to make an investment or enter into a strategic partnership, Due Diligence is an important step in evaluating risks associated with a specific decision.  Let our team add value by providing a comprehensive presentation of knowns and unknowns about the most technical details of a technology.  Our deep understanding of medical device product development will provide invaluable estimates of the cost and time required to take a product to market. 
Having a successful product doesn't end with a great technology, it has to be produced in large quantities with consistent results for less than the selling price.  Inflexion Strategies can help your Manufacturing team throughout a product's entire life cycle including development and validation of manufacturing processes, automation of processes to scale or reduce cost, development of custom testing equipment, documentation as well as identification and management of contract manufacturing partners.
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